Building Your Hyperscale Cloud with the Economics of Amazon AWS

Building Your Hyperscale Cloud with the Economics of Amazon AWS

About the Open Compute Project 

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.

In 2009, Facebook was growing exponentially, offering new services and giving millions of people a platform to share photos and videos. Looking ahead, the company realized that it had to rethink its infrastructure to accommodate the huge influx of new people and data, and also control costs and energy consumption.

That’s when Facebook started a project to design the world’s most energy efficient data center, one that could handle unprecedented scale at the lowest possible cost. A small team of engineers spent the next two years designing and building one from the ground up: software, servers, racks, power supplies, and cooling. The result now stands in Prineville, Oregon.

It was 38% more energy efficient to build and 24% less expensive to run than the company’s previous facilities—and has led to even greater innovation.

In 2011, Facebook shared its designs with the public and—along with Intel and Rackspace, Goldman Sachs and Andy Bechtolsheim—launched the Open Compute Project and incorporated the Open Compute Project Foundation. The five members hoped to create a movement in the hardware space that would bring about the same kind of creativity and collaboration we see in open source software. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

X700 - Ideal For Open Stack

X300 - Ideal for Big Data

X500 - ideal for Storage

Kick Start Your IaaS / SaaS Biz with Hyperscale Economics of Facebook

General Description
Product compatible with Triplet racks (2.4x1.7x0.91 m)
Can be compatible with OpenRack v1 with relevant adapter (windmill based chassis)
Dual inputs
AC 3 Phases + N + G 32Amp
48v DC
26 servers per 1/3 racks about 9.1 kW
78 servers when fully populated as standard product. Could be more depending on cooling and power capability of installed site

Dual Server Chassis
Single power supply per chassis – ( 700W dual input 48V DC and 200-277V)
Dual PDU input
Hot pluggable servers

Dual fans (non hotplug)
No chassis top, air duct
x16 DDR3 ECC memory slot (1600 Mhz max)
Xeon v1 and v2 E5 family support (2660 and 2680)
Copper heat sink with optimized fin space for airflow
x1 SATA slot for 3.5 inches drive
X1 PCIe Mellanox connect-x 3 card
1 PCIe half height half width
iLo remote management tool from Hpe with integrated graphic
Local console is accessed through a standard Hpe blade breakout cable
UID front LED for ease maintenance identification
Hpe System BIOS

Fully configured triplet rack with rack, power supplies, 22 servers:
Dual Xeon 2680v2
3 TB drives
128 GB RAM ( x4 16GB DDR3 ECC RAM)
Fully recertified
1 year warranty
RRP - $25,500 USD

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