L1 - L11 Manufacturing Process

Hyperscalers is a global facing manufacturer of storage, network and compute products. We partner with key component manufacturers to support integrated delivery and support across all international regions and time zones.

Hyperscalers partners with Quanta Computer Incorporated as a primary original design manufacturer (ODM). Hyperscalers with Quanta manufacture out of eight (8) regions. 

Hyperscalers delivers customer support via service centers located in 11 countries. Service and support are delivered through both internal Field Service Engineers FSE and Certified Service Partners CSP. Hyperscalers service and support network covers 70 countries.

Open Approach

Hyperscalers does not lock down our products. Our open OEM approach is embodied within all of our Manufacturing processes. We are proud to use only the highest quality chassis, component and commodity items.


Hyperscalers manufacturing processes have been setup to support the productization requirements of our software and service provider partners and customers. We can assist you to bring your product to manufacturing readiness through our lab-based processes and tools.

Manufacturing Process: Level 1 to 6 L1-L6

The manufacturing process levels referred to here are industry standard terms used to describe the 11 stages of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Levels 1 to 6 are performed by Hyperscalers Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) partner: Quanta Computer Incorporated (a Taiwan based manufacturing giant).

Manufacturing Process: Level 6 to 10 L6-L10

Manufacturing Levels 6 to Level 10 are performed by Hyperscalers as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Hyperscalers is the world's first Open OEM. Unlike the traditional locked OEMs like HP, Dell or CISCO, Hyperscalers does NOT:

  • Rebrand its systems, commodities or components. Customers know that they are getting the highest possibly quality;
  • Lock-Down its hardware systems, commodities and components.  Customers don't ever become vendor locked;
  • Lock-Down the software when pre-loaded on hardware. Customers can re-purpose equipment and appliance later - be it a switch or a server.  

Manufacturing Process: Level 10 to 11 L10-L11

Manufacturing Levels 10 to Level 11 refer to the final stage of the manufacturing process. This stage is where the complete hardware and possibly software system becomes an ‘appliance’ - be it IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, AI, HPC, Deep Learning or Machine Learning. The appliance contains everything service providers need to activate their services.

The diagram below depicts the benefit of going through the Hyperscalers Digital-IP Appliance Design Process