Hyperscale Consulting Engineers

We Collaborate with Consulting Engineers in:

  • Tender Specifications
  • Access to Laboratory as a Service LaaS - a means to systematically test drive all our appliances to prove which is right for any customers' business.

Red Hat OpenShift - Container Orchestration

Red Hat OpenStack - VM Orchestration

MS Azure Stack (via Avande)

Problems with the Traditional Approach

Service providers’ traditional: Custom approach to design and delivery of IT-infrastructure necessary to carry owners’ Intellectual Property IP and processes, has, over the decades, contributed to embodied operating inefficiencies for their businesses.

The inevitable result of custom, one-time engineered IP-infrastructure-outcomes meant that standardization and its inherent benefits were never attainable and therefore economies of scale simply became impossible to achieve. 

Service Providers’ Inefficiencies:

  • Cost – Inc. Capital + Energy-cost
  • Time – Inc. Custom-configuration
  • Risk - Inc. Non-Interoperability
  • Functioning | Performance
  • Underutilization
  • Retention of Skilled Staff
The above inefficiencies are all addressable simply through: Standardization | Automation | Economies of Scale 

Solving Information Technology’s problem, of complexity with: Standardization | Automation | Economies-of-Scale

SMB and SME must no longer contest with the custom, one-time engineered and highly complex solution alternatives inherent with traditional OEM vendors: HP Dell CISCO. 
The benefits of standardization begin with our IP-Appliance Design Process and our utility, being the Appliance Optimizer Utility, which together, assist in the design and development of Standard IP-Appliances on either Hyperscale or Tier-1-Original hardware-architectures.