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Partnerships, be they with our technology partners or customer-facing partners, are all about helping our partners achieve their goals and aspirations.' said George Cvetanovski (Founder and CEO)

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We know the busywork involved with managing an existing client base all while growing your business; leaving you little time and resources to ensure quality in design, manufacturing, configuration, run-in and deployment of enterprise-grade solution(s)  To remove the guesswork in this process, Hyperscalers pulls from vast amount of knowledge and experience to introduce the industry’s first set of open standards and best practices supported by a set of automation tools and processes including: 

Partners gain access to the latest x86 technology via a new, more efficient supply and support chain. Made seamless by a friendly team that is strictly 100% partner focused.

Partners Gain Access To:

BareMetal & Ethernet


Hyperscale x86

Tier 1 Original x86

Lab as a Service LaaS 

IP Appliance Design Process


Notebooks Touchpads


Services and Support

Education Whitepapers

Training Videos

Capitalize on an Open x86 Supply-Chain Free of Lock-Ins 

The traditional channel to market (illustrated in figure 1 below) characterized by an unnecessarily lengthy four (4) tier supply chain is made 25% more efficient to a three (3) tier supply chain. Whereby Small to Medium Businesses SMB and Small to Medium Enterprises SME benefit from a more closely-coupled supply chain across any one of our customer facing partners.  

A leaner channel to market means fairer prices for you, the partner giving you a leg up over the competition to win more customers.

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Become the Hyperscale solution your customers need. Join our channel partner program, TODAY ! 







The Three Partner Tiers 

Opportunity Registration Program (ORP)

Our Opportunity Registration Program provides added benefits to partners who take the forward initiative in their processes; namely, actively seeking out and scoring fruitful business opportunities. By taking on this cooperative role with Hyperscalers, you will wield enhanced bargaining power through quality of product and a lean supply chain, which can not be commonly found within other partnerships.

Take advantage of the many perks available to you, ranging from curated education and training, to competitive discounts on a wide range of commodities, servers and end-user computing devices.
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Become the Hyperscale solution your customers need. Join our channel partner program, TODAY !