Meet the HS management team

The secret behind HS’ success is our team of skilled professionals whose experience is unmatched, our technology that is setting the standard for the industry and our unwavering commitment to excellence in support.

George Cvetanovski, Hyperscalers Founder and CEO

‘To put Information Technology’s core problem in perspective’ said George Cvetanovski. ‘If Cloud-datacenters were like cars, each of us would be heavily reliant on a unique vehicle, providing us with insight into the root problems of custom, one-time engineered outcomes, be it from a build-quality and safety perspective, a performance and efficiency perspective or an economies of scale and cost savings perspective.’ 


George Cvetanovski is the founder and CEO of HyperScalers, a multinational company incorporated in United States of America (USA), Australia (AUS), European Union (EU) and Papua New Guinea (PNG)

George is also the CTO and Chief Architect behind HS' innovative and novel solutions such as Hyperscale-Cloud Datacenter(s) as a Service HCDaaS which is ideal for IT / Cloud solution providers, inlcluding IT departments needing to deliver IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS and HCDaaS in the most effective, most secure, most economic means possible.

George has a long and successful association with innovation, beginning with him architecting Complete Open Cloud Infrastructure (COCI) as part of Datapod - an innovatve Modular Datacenter manufacturer.

Before that time, George was a practicing Business Analyst working at ACTPLA where he was successful to discover new, innovative ways of using IT to solve the unique organisational problems and challenges.

An active member in the community and long term volunteer at the Salvation Army, George’s primary focus is on the collective good – ‘For the benefit of the community’ he would often say.

George holds a Bachelor degree in Business Informatics from the University of Canberra.


Anunaya Sinha, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for AUS, PNG and NZ region

Anunaya Sinha is a technology professional with more than fifteen years of experience in designing and developing telecommunications, data centre and cloud based solutions. He has worked for leading OEM vendors as technical leader and product manager.


 Anunaya has designed and developed multiple solutions in domains of networking and embedded systems:

  • Gigabit Ethernet routers
  • Flash device architecture
  • Enterprise class servers
  • Integrated computing systems
  • Network processors
  • Optical network switches
  • Cloud computing based system architecture

He has worked for Cisco Systems for several years as senior engineer in designing the unified computing systems (UCS) platform. He was involved in designing standalone servers, dense compute and storage nodes for UCS. He filed multiple patents involving these products and lead engineering teams for many years.

He is working as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in HyperScalers; driving the Open Compute Project (OCP) initiatives and cloud computing based solutions. He is leading the innovation and technology business of HyperScalers; contributing to OCP group and interfacing with OEM vendors for market initiatives.

Anunaya hold a degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering with professional certifications on product management and architecture.