Four Step Roadmap to a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Hyperscalers HGST Channel Partner Type:  Cloud Service Providers 

Intended audience -  Cloud Service Providers – Private and Public IaaS PaaS Providers

Cloud is changing at the speed of light.

So, you run a small-medium, or medium-large public cloud business, that's awesome!

And, after so many years, you feel the need to differentiate.

Only you need to do it in such a way, where your customers and your investors, wouldn’t think there is anywhere else to go to.

This four (4) step roadmap guides CEO, CTO and cloud operators through a journey of transitioning their public cloud business over to a new state:

Being that, of a sustainable comparative advantage.

Four (4) Step Roadmap

Step 1 – Adopt a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Adopt a Multi-Cloud Strategy to service the needs of the entire market: SME and SMB across any:

  • Public
  • Private and
  • Hybrid-cloud application.

Optional - Start by partnering with AWS Microsoft and Google so that instances of your software-IP become readily procurable from the footprints of these macro service providers. 

Step 2 Commoditize Your Software-IP on Hyperscale and or Tier 1 Original Hardware

As part of holistic appliances on Tier 1 Original and Hyperscale hardware. OEM-branding opportunities are available. 

When it comes to commoditising your software-IP, Hyperscalers offers two means:
• Lab to You is a laboratory that’s sent out to Cloud Service Providers on loan with all the network, storage, compute and GP-GPU systems you needed, to qualify own software-IP in house. Engineering support provided by Hyperscalers; or
Find out more – Lab to You
• HS-Labs are permanent laboratories open to all Hyperscalers’ channel partners including software makers, seeking a special level of support for their PoC.
Find out more – HS Labs

Hereto to commoditize the world’s hottest software-IP, Hyperscalers has developed both a ‘design process’ and a utility being the Virtual Machine Performance Management Utility ‘VMPMU’ which together, assists in developing and proving designs for Hyperscale appliances. Pre-engineered and standardised, these appliances offer macro and micro: SDDC IaaS PaaS SaaS providers, a newfound means of ‘springing-up’ capacity from any datacentre floor, quickly, reliably, and at a fraction of historical costs. 

Step 3.1 – Market your Appliance through LaaS.

Once an appliance is created, Hyperscalers (with permission) makes it available to all enterprise-IT customers through LaaS. Lab as a Service is ideal for enterprises needing to test-drive real workloads on multiple existing appliances with the view of finding the right one(s) for their business. LaaS is available either over the internet – WAN (Public Cloud), or from Hyperscalers’ network – LAN (Private Cloud)

Step 3.2 – Market your Appliance through Co-Lo 2.0 Operators.

Once an appliance is created, Hyperscalers (with permission) makes it available to participating Co-Lo 2.0 operators. That means enterprise customers of participating Co-Lo 2.0 operators can:

• Find and test-drive your appliance via the LaaS function- try before they buy;

• Attain a holistic solution price inclusive of: Software- infrastructure, IT-infrastructure and DC-infrastructure simply through an easy to use select, drag and drop method;
• Select a preferred operator - ‘who operates the appliance from the Co-Lo’s premise?’ Available options: IT (recommended), you the IP-owner or a qualified 3rd party

Find out more – Co-Lo 2.0

Step 4 – Enable Enterprise IT

With options to select a preferred on-premise operator: IT (recommended), you, the IP-owner, or a qualified 3rd party.

Cloud Service Providers are advised to operate, educate and perform a phased hand over of an enterprise’s-own cloud.