Open RHV-M Gluster Appliance - ORG Whitepaper

Open RHV-M Gluster Appliance - ORG Whitepaper

Standing up a managing a virtualized Datacentre environment can be overwhelming 

That’s why we created the Open RHV-M + Gluster appliance, better known as the ORG Appliance on Open Rack which is a Hyperscale rack architecture contributed by Facebook to the Open Compute Project.

The ORG appliance is complete with both hardware: networks, storage and compute as well as software: Red Hat Gluster and RHV-M.

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The ORG-appliance Enables Datacentre Operators to:

• Locate and relocate the appliance from any Datacentre floor, quickly reliably and at a fraction of historical costs;

• Administer and control all aspects of the virtual infrastructure including VM and containers;

• Manage servers, users, storage, and high availability requirements;

• Control all infrastructure layers through a feature-rich, web based graphical management tool.

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