Hyperscalers together with the Lightbits team, who were key contributors to the NVMe standard & among the originators of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), bring you LightOS® HS: World’s densest NVMe ™ over TCP storage appliance extensively tested and validated on the S5B 1U storage server.

  • Disaggregated NVMe over TCP Block Storage
  • 184TB | 2.5M IOPS (4k read) in 1RU
  • Deploy at the edge
  • Hyperscale NVMe cloud storage
  • Scale 2.2PB NVMe clusters in 12RU
  • Assures data availability
  • Protects against data loss
  • 3Y licencing cost included

Visit the product pricing page here. 

Preloaded LightOS® Licence 3Y Support

The LightOS® HS appliance enables our partners inc. service providers & OEM with everything they need to deploy high performance NVMe Block storage as a SAN logical volume on demand and ‘out of the box.’ The LightOS® HS appliance come preloaded with a 3Y perpetual licence pack with full support from LightOS

Ideal for Tier 0 and Tier 1 Workloads

The LightOS® HS appliance unlocks the full potential of disaggregated storage making it ideal for Tier 1 and 0 workloads: Cassandra, Mongo DB, MySQL, VM, OpenStack, Kubernetes containers and AI 

Highest Quality Levels

Manufactured using only the highest quality components and commodities the LightOS® HS appliance offers higher: Storage capacity, Mean Time Between Failure MTBF, endurance & performance.

Assure Data Availability at Scale

LightOS is the first NVMe/TCP storage solution that protects against data loss and avoids service interruptions at scale. In the presence of server, storage or network failures, LightOS maximizes operational efficiency, ensuring applications continue working in the presence of failures and failover is handled automatically, keeping data fully consistent and available.

Hyperscale economics

LightOS® HS appliance is readily available via our partners under either  buy, rent, lease models

Watch the Video here

About Lightbits

Lightbits Labs, founded in 2016, is re-inventing modern cloud infrastructure on a global scale. The company’s mission is to re-invent the way storage and networking are conducted in cloud data centers. Lightbits is disaggregating storage and compute to improve clients’ infrastructure flexibility and efficiency at scale.

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