Samsung PM1643a 2.5'' SAS SSD 12Gb\s 30.72TB MZILT30THALA-00007

  • High storage density of 30.72TB
  • Slim 2.5-inch form factor
  • Sequential Read 2100 MB/second   
  • Sequential Write 1800 MB/second
  • Enhanced software and error correction for long-term reliabilityBest Solution for Heavy Demands
  • Reliable Storage, 24/7 Operation
  • Top Solution for Diverse Applications
  • 3D V-NAND flash concentrates memory utilization and performance
  • Enterprise-grade power loss protection
  • Dual-port SAS 12.0 Gbps interface for servers with capable backplanes and controllers

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Samsung PM1643a 2.5'' SAS SSD 12Gb\s 30.72TB MZILT30THALA-00007

SAMSUNG PM1643a Ultra-high capacity SAS SSDBreakthrough high-performing storage densityPM1643a delivers high-value faster read speeds while improving TCO with outstanding reliability, security and endurance. It provides

SAMSUNG PM1643a Ultra-high capacity SAS SSD

Breakthrough high-performing storage density

PM1643a delivers high-value faster read speeds while improving TCO with outstanding reliability, security and endurance. It provides a powerful solution for mission-critical enterprise applications. It also provides significantly more capacity up to 30.72 TB.

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S5K | D43K-1U

S5X 2.5'' | D53X-1U

S5XQ 2.5'' | D53XQ-2U

Samsung PM1643a SAS SSD delivers:


With Read/Write performance more than 4x that capable with SATA, the PM1643a 12G SAS SSD provides a massive upgrade to the data transfer capabilities of your storage array, no forklift necessary.


The PM1643a supports a range of capacities, from 960GB to an industry leading 30.72TB.


PM1643a supports dual-port functionality, enabling two access paths to the storage array controller. The PM1643a delivers the reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) that is required for enterprise storage designs.


The PM1643a is designed with robust features to ensure high reliability, including end-to-end data protection, advanced error correction, and power loss protection.


The PM1643a features high endurance, with a guaranteed lifetime write endurance of up to 3 DWPD (drive writes per day) for 5 years.


The PM1643a is compatible with a variety of data center systems and supports a wide range of interface standards, including SATA and SAS

Energy Efficiency 

The PM1643a is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using advanced power management technology to minimize power consumption and reduce operating costs.

Advanced Management Features

The PM1643a includes advanced management features, such as TRIM, SMART, and NCQ, that help to improve system performance and reliability.


Uncompromising Quality and Performance

To satisfy an enterprise environment’s exceptionally high- demands, an SSD must perform over long periods of time at maximum performance levels for the variety of workloads accessing the device simultaneously. In addition, the SSD must provide the performance consistency to satisfy grueling Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. The PM1643a SSD offers industry leading metrics to support these requirements.

Optimize performance for read-intensive enterprise applications

The Samsung PM1643a SAS SSD is optimized to excel in enterprise storage scenarios. Providing exceptional random read performance, this SSD is particularly suited to accelerate read-intensive workloads in the enterprise environment.

Maximize your cost/performance efficiency

Satisfy your mission critical requirements while staying on- budget. With performance metrics greater than 4x those seen in SATA SSD's, the PM1643a offers a cost per 1K IOPS which is only 25% that of an equivalent capacity SATA drive.

Revitalize your Enterprise systems

As the performance demands on your storage network continue to grow, migrating your storage away from the limitations of outdated SATA interfaces in favor of the advantages of 12G SAS is the easiest way to add longevity to aging arrays.

Enterprise-grade power loss protection

During normal power-off periods, the host server allocates time to preserve data integrity by transmitting a standby command to each device. In the event of an unexpected power loss, though, the cached data in a storage device’s internal buffers (DRAM) can be lost. This can occur with unexpected power outages, or when users unplug devices from the system. However, the Samsung PM1643a SSD has been designed to prevent data loss resulting from unexpected power shutdowns with its power-loss protection architecture. Upon detection of a failure, the SSD immediately uses the stored energy from tantalum capacitors to provide enough time to transfer the cached data in DRAM to the flash memory, ensuring no loss of data.

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S5K | D43K-1U

S5X 2.5'' | D53X-1U

S5XQ 2.5'' | D53XQ-2U

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