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About Hyperscalers 

At Hyperscalers, we’re solving Information Technology’s core problem – the problem of complexity, simply through standardization of best practices and through economies of scale.

SMB and SME must no longer contest with the custom, one-time engineered and highly complex solution alternatives of the traditional OEM vendors: HP Dell CISCO. For, complex systems have often proven sub-optimally engineered. And even when they are not, they become troublesome to retain skilled understanding of, and support for, over their useful life. 

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Our Secret 

Our secret lies in our novel ‘design-process’ along with our innovative utility tools, when combined, assist in developing and proving designs for Provider-Optimised, Software-Based appliances aka Hyperscale appliances. Pre-engineered and standardised, these appliances offer newfound user efficiencies across the industry. And this is what forms the bedrock behind our deep partnerships with leading edge consulting engineering groups. 

Hyperscale Consulting Engineers 

Consulting Engineers 

HYPER SCALERS' Tools and Processes Used by Consulting Engineering Groups to service the needs of SMB and SME

Virtual CIO

IT and Cloud Strategy

Hardware Procurement

Managed Services

Tender Specification


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