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Australia and US Shouldn't Rely on China for Servers and IT Infrastructure 

Australia and USA should not rely on China for servers and IT-infrastructure said George Cvetanovski CEO of Hyperscalers.

Since we’re making servers here, why don’t we require a certain amount of Australian content in our own datacentres.

With China being the primary supplier to well-known vendors like HPE, Dell and CISCO, Hyperscalers’ Australian-made alternative is fast becoming the first point of call for more and more domestic and international customers. 

From a security perspective, from an ability to supply perspective, from a cost savings perspective, it just makes sense for these customers to make use of "home grown" sovereign-manufacturing capabilities. Who will YOU rely on…?  

Level 1 to Level 11 Manufacturing Process

The 11 levels of the manufacturing process are industry standard terms used to describe the stages of levels of the manufacturing process be it for a server, storage server or GPU server. The process starts with Level 1 - raw materials preparation and ends with Level 10 - fully assembled and tested system. Level 11 refers to an appliance level - offering service providers all the neccessary hardware and software infrastructure systems needed to turn around their services. Such as Infrastructure as a  Service, Platform as a Service, Software as as Service, 5G services amongst others. 

Find out more about the Level 1 - Level 11 Manufacturing process here. 

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