Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance

  • Seamless IaaS - Orchestration platform
  • Manage inhouse and 3rd party cloud infrastructure from a single interface
  • Compatible with all major vendors including Microsoft, Redhat, MoxRox etc
  • $USD $27,800.00

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Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud Management Appliance

Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud management applianceHyperscalers and OpenQRM IaaS appliance provides a platform to manage every private cloud service executing underneath.About OpenQRMOpenQRM data center management and cloud

Hyperscalers OpenQRM Cloud management appliance

Hyperscalers and OpenQRM IaaS appliance provides a platform to manage every private cloud service executing underneath.

About OpenQRM

OpenQRM data center management and cloud computing platform is an Infrastructure-As-A-Service orchestration software, creating the perfect consolidated platform to manage all your cloud services. OpenQRM Features a complete automated workflow engine for all Bare-Metal, VM and IT subsystem deployments, giving the ability to manage all your data center infrastructure from a single point of access. OpenQRM is sponsored by OpenQRM Enterprise GmbH; based out of Germany with the goal of lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for end user’s cloud infrastructure.

About Hyperscalers

Hyperscalers is a worldwide distributor for Quanta Computer, specializing in servers and networking equipment’s in both Hyperscale and conventional ranges. Our goal is to create appliances with next generation software developers on Quanta hardware to bring the advantages of open source software and hardware together.

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Open Orchestration

OpenQRM orchestrates software, network, virtualization, monitoring and security implementations to deploy multi-tier services as virtual machines. These are created on distributed infrastructures to combine both data center resources and remote cloud resources according to allocation policies.

Separation of Hardware

The platform emphasizes a separation of hardware from software to allow live migration over systems. The hardware is treated as a separate computing resource which is replaceable without the need to reconfigure the software. The software provides flexibility to allocate a remote storage, networking or compute resource to the existing infrastructure; enabling a seamless distributed model.

Functionalities Explained

OpenQRM can handle many different technologies and workloads, such as:

  •     High Availability (HA)
  •     IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  •     Automated server migration
  •     VM and Bare-Metal Deployment
  •     Cloud zones

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Quanta MESOS CB220 Server
 CPU: 2 x E5 2620 V3 1200MHz
 DIMM: 8 x 8GB DDR3
 1G Ethernet data path
 OpenQRM Enterprise 5.2.15
 Debian 8.6
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