Our programme is all about you

Be the solution your customers need today.
The HyperScalers and Quanta and QCT channel partner program is all about you.

Capitalise on a new, more efficient IT-supply chain

Market trends are changing

Increasing and dynamic server and storage densities. OEM vendors' market share is diminishing: solutions are not affordable to all nor are they readily available, and they come with proprietary limitations and proprietary lock-ins. And, custom, one-time engineered Cloud-datacenters often carry unknown outcomes simply due to lack of standardisation across the IT industry. All of these challenges are disrupting customers’ traditional ways of delivering and operating complete Cloud capacity.

Information Technology’s core problem, the problem of complexity, is being solved simply through standardisation of best practices and through economies of scale. Nobody understands the landscape and where the market is headed better than HyperScalers and Quanta QCT.

Maximize your business profile and core competencies

The QuantaQCT and HyperScalers channel partner programme offers more clearly differentiated program levels that reflect your core competencies and area of expertise.


The program structure aligns partners into one of four tiers in a way that best maximizes your profile. First, partners are classified by environment (business networks, server room, and data center—small to large). Then within each environment, we have taken our entire product portfolio and allocated the different product families: HyperScale / converged, servers, storage, network and software.


Partner-to-partner collaboration is designed to provide a vehicle for connecting partners and their complementary value. HS and QCT's channel partners sell across all technologies, environments, verticals, and customer segments—increasingly we see partners linking up to mesh their complementary strengths and provide a single seamless solution to customers. Partners who collaborate with other solution providers have grown deeper customer relationships and delivered more value to customers.

Be the solution your customers need today.

Select Partner - Identify

Proactively recognize and identify opportunities Familiar with breadth of QCT and HS portfolio and channel programs, resources and tools.

Premiere Partner - Develop

Wiring closets, server rooms (1 to 3 racks), small to medium datacenters Specialized sales and/or technical knowledge in particular environment of discipline; leverages HS and QCT expertise for site assessment, configuration, and/or design Proactively promoting QCT and HS products and services to customer; leverages sales and engineering team for technical and support, cooperative business plan, and customer satisfaction

Elite Partner - Design

Data enter (50 racks plus) Ability to independently identify and design HS and Quanta QCT solutions in the large datacenter environment, and design-build/construction management experience; expertise in multiple disciplines/technologies (Hyperscale, servers, storage, networking, software, monitoring, support, expertise management, facilities) Practice built around QCT and HS, cooperative business plan, executive sponsorship, and high customer satisfaction levels