Open OEM Vs Propritery OEM

A handful of Original Design Manufacturers ODM design & manufacture everything x86 for Original Equipment Manufacturers OEM - HP Dell CISCO (for example). Who in turn, systematically re-brand & lock-down not just entire appliances with software loaded and locked (making it impossible to repurpose) but also switches, notebooks, servers - all the way down to commodities: CPU RAM SSD HDD. And this is done not to benefit customers, folks.

Which begs the question- how did proprietary lock-ins by ‘trusted’ OEM vendors become the norm?

Historical Context 

Once, OEM would bring their design(s) to their ODM makers where x86 R&D costs would be split 50:50 between.  But that's no longer the case. OEM no longer invest in design and x86 R&D. Despite this seeming shortfall, the x86 innovation rate has never been stronger with the vast majority being done between Intel and a few ODM manufacturing giants like Quanta Computer Inc.

With OEM no longer designing new x86 systems, they are left to take up 3rd party designed and manufactured server storage and switch platforms as well as end user devices which underwent a  systematic and expensive process of re-badging and locking down of each sub-system and entire systems.  

Since OEM still want  to re systems