HYPER LABS is a set of tools that come with pre-defined processes to assist our channel partners and inherently their customers, realize the benefits of pre-engineering, standardisation and assembly line efficiencies. 

Understanding the Challenges of End Customers 

CIO and CTO working on SME cloud build-out, say data growth, complexity and lack of standardisation, lack of experience in cloud operations along with power and cooling issues are their biggest challenges. Traditional integration of disparate hardware and software systems cannot keep pace with the growing capacity and complex operations requirements of cloud-providers whom demand a more efficient and standardised delivery and operations method.

Just like enterprises, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and organizations depend on information technology (IT). When asked, IT managers in SMB identify, management, maintenance and operations of IT systems to be their biggest challenges in keeping the ‘lights running.’ Especially when something goes wrong and can’t get their jobs done.

To commoditise the world’s software-IP generated, HYPER SCALERS has developed both a ‘design-process’ along with a utility called the ‘Appliance Optimisation Utility’ which together assist in developing and proving designs for Provider-Optimised, Software-Based appliances aka Hyperscale appliances

To promote collaboration and automate engagement between key industry stakeholders, HYPER SCALERS has developed HYPER LABS: A set of tools along with a set of best practices that assist our channel partners and their SMB and SME customers, attain the best possible outcome(s), for their business. From test-driving of solution-alternatives, to design and ordering, to delivery and finally operations and support.