Accelerate Clouds to 8,000 MB\s with Dynavisor by HYPER SCALERS

Accelerate Clouds to 8,000 MB\s with Dynavisor by HYPER SCALERS

Executive Summary

The objective of this proof of concept was to build a record breaking Data Center Accelerator Appliance using Dynavisor TorrentPro™.

The Dynavisor appliance uses both the S2S T1, a Tier 1, 4 Node Hyper-Converged server and the S2P T2, a Tier 2, 2-Node Hyper-Converged server.  The Dynavisor Appliance was tested and benchmarked using Sysbench to prove storage acceleration capabilities.

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TorrentPro™, from Dynavisor Inc., is a software platform architecture for transparently accelerating storage and network operations and thereby boosting the efficiency of data centers and the cloud. 

Results 8,000 MB /s Read Write Speeds 64GB Data Size

The appliance utilises  the S2P T2 storage server running Dynavisor TorrentPro™ DIOVFS (Dynavisor I/O Virtualization File System) Server and the S2S T1 a 4-Node Hyperconverged Compute Appliance running DIOVFS Client. S2P T2 is a 4U Storage Server hosting up to 78 3.5” HDD’s. S2S T1 2U is a 2U 4-node Cluster-in-a-Box server - four server nodes being clustered via a PCIe interconnection and sharing up to 24 disk drives in a 2U chassis.

The objectives to be achieved using this appliance are to demonstrate:

  • Storage and compute Performance measurement of benchmark applications like Sysbench.
  • Improvement in DevOps efficiency resulting from higher performance
  • Higher ROI resulting from consolidation of compute infrastructure. 

Results 3,200 MB /s Read Write Speeds 512GB Data Size

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Test Environment
  3. Appliance use cases
  4. TorrentPro™ DIOVFS
  5. TorrentPro™ Performance And Benefits
  6. Performance and Accessibility
  7. Accessibility
  8. Performance
  9. Conclusion
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